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Selling tickets on Eventbrite?


What website do you guys use to find out about local events down here? I don't just mean concerts and comedy shows like Ticketmaster, but all things like festivals, fairs, carnivals, etc. Wondering if there's a "big one" that I don't know about.

Came across one called Eventbrite that might be the "big one". Wondered why we don't try to market our games/sell tickets on sites like that? After all, they have listings for sporting events. Maybe John_Z can give his thoughts on that...
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Some of our other ticket centers world wide and have had some success with it, but it was a single game/ a ticket special they were running.

The one thing about most of these sites are that they take a portion of each sale and/or charge a fee to use it.  Websites such as Eventbrite is great for when you are selling general admission seating or single priced tickets.  Something like this would not work well at football, because we have a minimum of 5 different prices and reserved seating for each game.  

I have though brought it up when we have games such as Military Apprieciation for the discounted ticket, but then you need to find a way to drive traffic to Eventbrite or another website like it for people to use it. So it is tough to tell how much it would help, while we still try to make a profit in the end.

Thanks for bringing it up and I will make sure to bring up this idea again to see if we could use it down the road.

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