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State universities going to region format but UF/FSU want be exempt


State universities going to region format but UF/FSU want be exempt

For those not aware Florida's universities are going to regions concept which requires universities to notify the native university if they want to put a program in that region. Example the FSU's film school would never happen again if this concept was in place, bc FSU would have to ask FAU to put a program in your region and if FAU disagrees the BoG would have to sign off before FSU could establish program.

Unfortunately those seeking exemptions are the main violators of establishing program without communicating with native universities.

The issue at hand is UF and FSU have statewide missions which they believe trumps the local universities' region mission. FAU works directly with community within South Florida . It is their partnerships with local community which I believe gives the native university the ability to tailor a program which has the most local impact locally. The age of a university has no bearing on the dedication a university has to community.

Both FSU and UF are really pushing this topic with their alumni so it up to other SUS schools to make sure the rules are same for all universities.

Universities should work together and not attempt to be exempt from communicating with other universities when deciding what programs to add. Regions will happen it is just a matter of if FSU/UF/FAMU is exempt.

Those who wish to write can write to members of the Strategic Planning committee at :

Board of Governors
State University System of Florida
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1614
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400

All BoG need is to have enough support for UF/FSU NOT to be exempt from same rules as other SUS members.
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Re: State universities going to region format but UF/FSU want be exempt

State Universites should ALL be considered and treated equally. Screw UF and FSU for ALWAYS wanting to be treated better that the rest.
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