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Streaker at FAU!?


Streaker at FAU!?

Upon further research, I found out it wasn't FAU, but figured that topic would get everyone's attention.  I saw on the Yahoo! site that a Mascot for some london soccer team took down a streaker on the field.  I can't watch the vid. here at the office, but the little teaser picture on the news site showed what looked to me like our own owlsworth takin down a dude.  I thought it may have been possible with all the news around campus and plenty of crazy people out there trying to bring attention to their cause or protest.

Here is the link: javascript:void(window.open('http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/ynews;_ylt=Ao1RiiNlMq0sFmf34ANqAGeek3QF?ch=4226726&cl=6074513&lang=en','playerWindow','width=793,he

If that don't work just search for "Mascot tackles streaker".

Now, I'm not saying someone should do it, but I'm open to getting FAU any attention that we can get, while we have the nation watching us, he he he.

FAU - We got Bowls!
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