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The Evolution of FAU fans


The Evolution of FAU fans

In mid-November, at FAU's home opener for the basketball season, Warner University arrived at The Burrow for a 7 p.m. tipoff. One of Warner's players had long hair, bangs flowing in front of his face and covering a portion of his eyes. As he dribbled up the court, chants of "Bieber!" vibrated throughout the arena.

Although singer Justin Bieber is popular among a younger demographic, the cheers were meant to badger Warner's point guard.
The fans making those chants weren't just any fans, either. They were the Dirty Birds.
"That's just the Dirty Birds being the Dirty Birds," said senior forward Brett Royster. "They're always going to have something. We laughed, we thought it was funny, because obviously we could hear it too."

Throughout the game Warner's players were hit with jeers, each one more inventive than the last. To cause confusion for the opposing offense, multiple fans would shout "Hey," not in unison, to give the illusion of multiple players calling for the ball.
"The Dirty Birds and all the student groups have the same mission, and it's to support the basketball team, to give them a home court advantage," said Mike Burdman, founder of the Dirty Birds and current graduate assistant for alumni relations. "You go to any other mid-major school, most of them have a good student section that actually gives the team a home field advantage when they're playing and that was the whole idea behind the Dirty Birds."

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Re: The Evolution of FAU fans

I thought it was well-written and did a good job of showing the "timeline of growth" for FAU fans. If we sit back and think about it... we have come a long way.

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