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The Obelisk


The Obelisk

I remember someone saying something about an obelisk to be built in Boca, and check out the websites below for more info, and not to disrespect those that funded the clock and fountain in front of the bookstore but I like ours better, well this is what it is all about…

"You did it – Congratulations!
But before you walk the stage, check out how you can "Make your Mark" at FAU.

In 2006, a 14-foot-tall clock was installed in what today is  the Vince Wilson '02 Traditions Plaza. In 2007, the tradition continued when the Class of 2007 raised funds for the fountain below the clock. Both the clock and the fountain were the first senior class projects in FAU's history.

In hopes of continuing the tradition of senior class projects, the Class of 2008 has been challenged to construct a monolithic obelisk called the 1961 Monument.

The 19.61-foot-tall (symbolizing FAU's founding year) structure will feature seven engraved "Points of Pride" on each of its four sides covering the next four years. The Class of 2008 will choose seven significant FAU events from the 2007-08 year, i.e., winning the New Orleans Bowl, hosting the Presidential Debates. A fountain will surround the monument. Future classes will vote on relevant events from their senior years to be added to the monument.

Visit Florida Atlantic University Foundation, Inc. and "Make your Mark" by making a gift of $20.08. When you make your gift, you will receive a custom lapel pin to wear during graduation and be recognized on our Donor Honor Roll.

Or visit Florida Atlantic University Foundation, Inc. to find out how you can get your name on the 1961 Monument (limited time offer).

As Winston Churchill said: "What is the use of living, if it not be to make this world a better place for those who live in it, after we are gone."

Congratulations once again, and best of luck with all your future endeavors!

The Senior Class Giving Council"
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Re: The Obelisk

Excellent post!

Here is the page about it:

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"The Class of 2008 is making their mark with the construction of a 19.61-ft-tall obelisk in the shape of the Washington Monument. The obelisk, commemorating the founding year of Florida Atlantic University, will be named the '1961 Monument.' The monument will serve as an enduring hallmark of the Pride and carry the Tradition of the Senior Classes of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

1961 Monument specs:

- 19.61-ft-tall to commemorate the year FAU was founded

- Each class year will have seven “Points of Pride” engraved on the monument to advertise milestones that FAU has achieved during that year and to connect FAU’s seven campuses.

- The monument will have a light feature to celebrate different events
White light: No specific event currently taking place
Red light: Athletic events
Blue light: Graduation or other academic event

-Fountain surrounding the monument to add ambience

- Proportional aesthetic feature including pavers and landscaping

- Pedestal for the obelisk

- Three possible sites identified for the 1961 Monument
Free Speech Lawn
Breezeway Food Court (green area)
Physical Sciences Building (green area)"

What do you guys think are seven events from '08 that could go on there? I was thinking

- New Orleans Bowl Victory
- FAU Baseball defeats #1 Miami
- Hosting National Presidential Debates
- Opening of Glades Park Tower, first freshman-only dorm
- Establishment of "Owl Country"
- Partnership with Scripps, Harbor Branch and Max Planck
- Student Union built at Davie Campus (since it needs to reflect seven campuses)


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Re: The Obelisk

Technically New Orleans 2007…shouldn't they get some credit for that? (People that graduated in December afterall are considered c/o 07)

Florida Atlantic University Owls
2007 Sun Belt Football Champions 2007 New Orleans Bowl Champions 2008 Motor City Bowl Champions 2011 Sun Belt Basketball Champions No Bowls without Owls
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