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Your Parking Tickets Pay/Paid for new Garages


Your Parking Tickets Pay/Paid for new Garages

Nobody likes getting parking tickets and FAU students are no different. With 24,029 students at the Boca campus as well as faculty and staff all fighting for 10,460 parking spaces, it's inevitable that some students are going to try things like parking in the grass… and get ticketed.

In 2011, FAU made

860k off Traffic Fines
2.46M off Transportation Access Fees
2.2M off Access Fee - Decal Revenues
158k off Parking Fees
231k off Parking Meters
and nearly 17k on "Sales and Services"

for a Total Revenue of 5,996,342.

Operating Expenses, including salaries, benefits, insurance, freight and postage, repairs, travel, uniforms, etc came out to be 3,271,686

So what do they do with the difference? They pay on their debts for the $10-15M parking garages and sock the rest away to build students more parking.

Just thought that might be an interesting FYI for all those who thought FAU was issuing too many tickets and not building enough parking.

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Re: Your Parking Tickets Pay/Paid for new Garages

At least they're doing something smart with that money. Getting parking tickets suck but at least buying decals and paying off your tickets is helping them create more parking. Good to see they are putting that money back into the school and use it to improve the parking situation

My two favorite teams are FAU, and who ever is beating FIU!
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