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Findings from FAU Athletics Audit presentation given to BOT on 3/15


If you're interested in how much we spend on things, how much we owe on things, why football is king, why moving from Sun Belt to CUSA was not a lateral move, etc read on.


Ticket sales:  "Approximately 83% of ticket sales were for football... Revenue from ticket sales increased from $956,750 in 2014 to $1,075,903 during 2015. This increase is primarily due to the overall success of FAU's teams, plus a greater emphasis on the sales of individual tickets, which are at a premium price, rather than discounted group ticket sales."

Student fees: "$17.27 per semester hour for general athletics" (this is not the highest in the state, BTW, as incorrectly reported elsewhere)

Direct Institutional support: "For the fiscal year 2015 FAU approved $3,209,795 in direct institutional support. Of this amount, $737,947 represents tuition wavers.... the University also transferred funds totaling $2,000,000 to the Athletics Department."

Guarantees: "Three athletic agreements/contracts (comprising approximately 53% of total guarantee revenue)... for participation in away games... guarantees revenue increased from $1,983,500 to $2,269,305... FAU had two games which combined for... $2 million"

Contributions: "$1,885,080 in...2015."

NCAA Distributions: "NCAA distributions combined with Conference Distributions revenue... when combining these two line items, aggregate revenue increased from $976,218 for 2014 to $3,144,848 in 2015... This increase is primarily due to significantly increased revenue from Conference Distributions as a result of FAU's recent inclusion in Conference USA"

Recruiting: "Only NCAA certified athletics' staff members are allowed to make off-campus recruiting visits. Expenses such as airfare, gas reimbursement, meals and lodging expenses are covered for prospective student athletes... $555,530 for 2015."

Fundraising, Marketing and promotion: "$592,800 during 2015... this increase is primarily due to expanded usage of various advertising mediums such as TV, radio, and social media... in part to promote a football game against the University of Miami in the fall of 2015"

Athletics facilities debt service, leases, rental fees: "...aggregating $3,492,357... related to the debt associated with FAU's football stadium."


ticket sales: football ($897,617), men's basketball ($100,597), women's basketball ($6,107), "other sports" ($71,582).. total $1,075,903

student fees: $12,004,480

And interestingly, both basketball programs are actually upside-down.. for instance, men's basketball generates $702,464 and costs $1,880,736, so deficient by $1,178,272. Football, for what it's worth, is up $371,855 over its operating costs.

Total revenues: $30,919, 633.
Total expenses: $29,794,361
...which makes it seem like we're not losing money, but technically we're getting direct and indirect institutional  support of around $6M, so...

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Hmm..that's actually better that i would have thought. I felt like we were bleeding money. I'd like to see how our marketing budget compares to other schools.

Also, can you imagine if we averaged a few more thousand fans a game and made a bowl game?

Thanks for the great info…I'm also curious to see how skewed this data is. I feel like TRUE data is never really reported because whoever is reporting it always does everything they can to make it seem better. Or was this audit done by an outside agency? Either way, this is good info.
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ok. so we are not bad off, but not great.
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