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Some interesting numbers


Some interesting numbers

Looking at the 2011-2012 Annual Report from the Athletics Department (which was actually published while Angelos was here and has pictures of Royster, etc… this is a little old, don't get too excited)

That said:

In 2009 and 2010, Athletics finally pulled revenues ahead of expenses by $900k-1M after being in the red several years previous. The 2010 number breaking a million was helped by the fact that revenue from student fees jumped from ~$8.9M to ~$10.4M.

I know every business has to have a "reserve" because who knows what's going to happen, but you have to wonder how many things you could do with that $900K-1M…

For FY11 (10-11), football sold ~$1.18M worth of tickets, buffered by the "home" game vs MSU in Detroit, and up from ~$604k the previous year. Essentially ticket sales doubled because of the stadium. The next highest drawing sport was men's basketball at… ~$89k.

That's why football is king.

We bellyached about parking, and why are they charging us $5/car for basketball (and baseball? I can't remember) and Athletics responded by saying, "Hey, we need the money" and everyone here said, "Hey, if you are a true FAU fan and want to see the program grow, put your money where your mouth is and pay for parking."

Okay, so all that parking revenue brought in… a staggering $19.5k dollars. Enough to buy a new car.

One last thing: Mike Jarvis came here in 2008. Total attendance under Jarvis has jumped from
FY (07-08) 11,345
FY (08-09) 14,124
FY (09-10) 18,141
FY (10-11) 20,047

So a 2k-3k increase in fans every year.

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