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FAU @ #18 UCF Game Thread - September 21, 2018


jgf2017 said

How can Coach Pecoraro get any blame with how exposed our D was. I'm just saying, our DB's blew over 10 coverages last night. They don't even know the plays. So it's coach Pec's fault that the players don't execute the gameplan? I've known this for a while, and it's no secret. Our defense is not that talented. That's about the nicest I can be about it. These are relatively easy coverages that our players are messing up. I think when the play starts, they freeze up and forget Coach Pec's coverages.
Posted On: Sep 22nd 2018, 6:02 PM #381171

I tend to agree. The D we played last year was very bend don't break force 10 plays drives and we will get a couple picks and sacks to let our O run away with it. Picks tend to come when you play with a lead.

Lane said this D always us to be more multiple meaning we can hide coverages mix up man, cover one, cover 4 .

If the Dline doesn't cause havioc and our corners do not make plays in man it doesn't matter.

I think guys have been exposed at bit Lewis and Tooley were flat out picked on vs OU and UCF. Hunter Snyder was supposed to be the man and he has been absent. Gilbert and Quiaz have not taken the next step like many thought. Again though OU and UCF are more talented and are supposed to do that to us.
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