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FAU @ WKU Game Thread - November 7th, 2015


The Matchup: FAU (2-6, 2-3 C-USA) vs. WKU (7-2, 5-0 C-USA)

When: Saturday, November 7th, 12:00 PM

Where: L.T. Smith Stadium

Weather: Current Conditions in Bowling Green

The Series: The Owls lead 5-1, and have never lost in Bowling Green.

Hilltoppers Team Site

Game Information

TV: FOX Sports Net (FSN)

Live Video: None

Radio: ESPN 106.3

Stats: Here

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FAU opens as a +22 point underdog, and that jumped immediately to 23.
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Man , I don't think we should have started this thread so soon. I was high from our win and now WKU. Maybe Doughty will get the flu.Is anyone with the flu willing to take a quick trip to Kentucky?
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I honestly think we will give them a tough game. 
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Like FIU, if their star TE remains out that will help the cause.
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Is this a 12 est or 12 cst start time?
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We were supposed to lose to them last year because of Dougherty and then this happened

…be great if that happened again.

As a side note, why did FAU stop making these videos? The last one was from a year ago. I'd really like to see the FAU/FIU game since I was travelling and had to listen to it via LaVicka.

P.S. I don't respond to guest posts. All guests are encouraged to register with the site.
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that hit on Dougherty at the end of the game was incredible!
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Notables from Coach Partridge's WKU Presser on Monday…


One of the things we are focusing on is trying to get a back-to-back win. Putting that moment that we enjoyed away and getting fully emotionally on Western Kentucky. This is a huge, huge challenge.

Do you have to put it completely away or can you use some of that?

You can. You definitely can put it in the mindset framework – I think the best way to use it is you take the things that we did well. Those are the pictures of what we need to be. That to me is what you take from it. Walking on campus with you chin up and your chest out a little more with that feeling of success.

What has it been like for you walking around here (Tom Oxley Athletic Center)?

I haven’t walked around. I have been in my office watching film. It is easy for me to seclude myself because of what I’m doing. I’m in here at 5:30 a.m. Wake up and by 5:45 I have coffee and film on.

Was the FIU game the most complete game that you have played?

It felt like the strongest team win. By that I thought all phases complemented each other. I’ve been doing this a while and I think that is one of the better returners (Richard Leonard) that I have ever seen. He broke out the big one that got called back. We had a couple of guys who got out of position and if you get out of position you are going to get hit. The more impressive one was about a 10 yard return on their sideline and our kids were in good places, firing shots at him and the kid just kept staying alive. They (FAU players) kept fighting and got him down after an eight or nine yard return. We tried to pooch kick and he got up to it. We had to have that kind of effort against a kid like him to allow our defense to defend somewhat long field. Offense – getting first downs and moving chains, giving our defense a chance to catch their breath complemented them. And then, as I mentioned in the post-game, that nine minute drive in the third quarter where our defense bowed up, like they have a number of times this year after a long drive, and held them to a field goal. And, then our offense to answer. That was the one that went into finish the third and into the fourth and punched it in. That drive was the key. That drive contained two fourth down conversions. Fourth and one, and we actually brought two “D” linemen into the game. We got the fourth and one there and we got the fourth and four where (Jaquez) Quez (Johnson) fought to get over there and dove for the first down. There was a lot of complementing each other. That is something we have to do.

I thought it was the best your run game has looked within weeks or months.

It might have been and the simplest too. The “O” line deserves a lot of credit for that. Hopefully, we can build on that this week because Western Kentucky - their defense presents a challenge because of how multiple they are. They blitz a lot and show a lot of different fronts. It was challenging for us last year. We had some success scoring but all the things they do, not to get technical, but they have a lot of variety in their fronts – blitzes that they bring creates challenges. They have two players that transferred in from UAB #3 (Jontavius Morris) and #6 (TJ McCollum) those two players have had an impact along with some other good players around them.

Health Status

Antonyo Woods: There is a good shot he will be back

Roman Fernandez: No movement

Players’ confidence after beating WKU last year?

It feels like a million years ago. We are both different teams, we really are. They are an improved defense and we are fighting to put together a complete game. You are going to see similar schemes and you will see those things. We found a way to pull it off last year. If anything, I know Coach Brohm is going to be extremely motivated for this game to fight to make a point. Our kids need to prepare like they did last week and really like they have all year and perform for each other and complement each other.

On Brandon Doughty

I have been through all their games. They do work hard to establish the running game. You know they had a kid that they were expecting a lot of this year. He got hurt earlier in the year. No. 20 for them (Anthony Wales) has had some really nice runs. You put on the big play reel , after I get through all the games, I sort both sides of the ball by “big plays” by their offense and big plays against their defense to wrap my head around that. 20 shows up a lot. So does No. 15 (Nicholas Norris) a slot from right down here at Booker T. Washington High School. They have a decent number of Florida kids that are helping them. But, yeah it does start with him. He is so on time and that ball gets there with velocity. He is good, he is really good.

Trey Rodriguez has provided a spark and it is not that the other guys were doing it. Is that how you see it?

It is like you said, he has. All four of those guys (running backs) have shown some good things. I really do. He has a gear that when he bounces it he has a chance to turn a six-yard play into a 20-yard play.

Disruptive Defense both the DL and the guys in the back. Is that two things that are really pleasing on the defensive side?

Yes, it is. It starts all up front. Those guys are hard to block. We can roll guys through and make a difference. They are embracing their roles…I will give the “D” line credit (from Saturday) some of them were cover sacks. There was a couple of times that he was patting the ball, patting the ball and our guys did a good job staying after it and keeping good lanes when they swallowed him up. So it is fun to watch.

I’m assuming you need that “D” to show up again this week?

Without a doubt. One of the challenges is that he (Doughty) gets that ball out really, really fast. “D” linemen tend to get frustrated with that. They need to turn that into knowing when it is time to get your hands up. There are going to be times when you just flat out don’t have time to get there. There is a decent amount, I can’t give you a percentage, where he is getting it off before two seconds. So, our guys have to weather that storm. Hopefully, we can get them behind the chains where he has to sit in there a little bit longer to let the routes develop and then cut it loose.

Is Hendrickson just getting better and better as the year goes on?
He really is. It was a great learning moment. Third and 11 we had them backed up. He gets to a pass rush and they (FIU) hit us with a run for a first down. We pulled him off on the sideline because we saw exactly what he did and talked to him about it. The learning moment is that it is third and 11 on the minus five yard line. Is it really third and 11? That is a great learning moment for our guys. The whole defense took advantage of that moment yesterday when we went to the film.
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