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Marshall @ FAU Game Thread - October 17, 2015


The Matchup: Marshall (5-1, 2-0 C-USA) vs. FAU (1-4, 1-1 C-USA)

When: Saturday, October 17th, 12:00 PM

Where: FAU Stadium

Weather: Current Conditions @ FAU Stadium

The Series: Marshall leads 2-0.

Marshall Team Site: Here

Game Information:

TV: Fox College Sports - Atlantic

Live Video: None

Radio: ESPN 106.3

Stats: Here

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The Owls opened as +6.5 underdogs, and that quickly moved to +7.5.
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Rick said

When: Saturday, October 17th, 2:30 PM

Posted On: Oct 11th 2015, 4:32 PM #350400

I think it is a dreaded noon game…
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It is, I corrected, thanks.

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Notables from Coach Patridge's Marshall Presser on Monday…

Opening Remarks

We are getting ready to play a 5-1 Marshall team. A team that is everything that we thought they would be on film. This is a huge game for our players. A huge game for our coaches. This is a game that they see. They (FAU football team) were close at times last year. The year before I got here, it was a close game and something that the players marked coming into the season as a game that they really looked forward to. I don’t think that motivation will be a problem. Obviously Marshall winning the conference last year and having so much success here in the Boca Bowl in our stadium, they are someone that we are looking to have a good success against.

The players have been around this morning a ton of overtime putting in their study hall hours. Really good indicators there. You talk about their personnel, guys that jump out. On offense, it is Deandre Reaves, who has the most yards. He is a ridiculous kickoff returner. He had two touchdown returns, one of them on stats and one of them got called back. The one that got called back was an unbelievable display of athleticism. He is pretty special. Chase Litton, their quarterback, 10 TDs, three interceptions and has executed well. Devon Johnson had a career day against us a year ago and continues to have similar type of runs. There was one against Ohio, obviously Ohio was the one that beat them this year. But, he still had one of those runs where he breaks out. He demands our attention. On their defense, Evan McKelvey appears to be the guy that runs the show. He has 70 tackles, but not only because of that, on film, you can see him directing traffic, telling guys where to go. Both safeties have multiple interceptions, (Taj) Letman with three and (Tiquan) Lang with two. Up front, Gary Thompson with five sacks and eight TFLs, very active on film and Ryan Bee is a giant who has two sacks. So, that is where I’m at as a general overview of what we see in Marshall.

On it being easy to Correct Tackling Problems

I wish I could tell you it was. It is a challenge. A big challenge. Really, they (Marshall) are geniuses in their simplicity. Cato at the end of the day last year and you are seeing Linton this year throw up fade balls. They are either going up and making great catches or getting PIs. So they are getting DBs out wide. Then they have a 250 pound monster rolling up through the middle. So, they are good at it…it is a simple offense and they are good at it.

Update on Jenson Stoshak

Right now he is questionable for the game. It is a shoulder injury and we will take it day-by-day. But, right now he would be questionable.

Update on Jalen Young

He sustained a concussion. He is going through concussion protocol which is a five step phase.

Is (Jaquez Quez (Johnson) 100%? If not would you consider any change?

He is not 100%. Based on what percent he is as the week goes on we would.

What percent would you draw the line at?

I’m not going to get into that. We have to see how he is performing.

How important was the experience that Jason (Driskel) got?

Very. All be it one play. The one play he got on Saturday was on the money to give us a chance to go up by 14. He has practiced great his attitude is great. Jason is doing a nice job. We will see where Quez is day-by-day.

Is he (Jaquez Johnson) worse off than he was this time last week?

There is wear and tear throughout the game so we just have to see where he is at the next couple of days.

What did you see from him running?

That is a pretty obvious answer. He was not at full speed when he was running the ball. There was a play that we were getting to the high red zone going to the north. They rotated coverage in a direction that they had not shown based on the formation we had. He broke out to the right. Did the right thing to minimize the loss. But, he is not running at full speed. Hopefully, we get closer to it through the course of this week.

On Still Going for Two Instead of One Against Rice

Absolutely. Going from 12 to 13 doesn’t help you. Going from 12 to 14 makes a difference. People say it is a one point game. They wouldn’t have gone for two at the end and missed it. You always go from 12 to 14 as opposed to 12 to 13.

Could you see Trey Rodriguez’s role expanding?

Yes. His speed and change of direction. He is able to deny people from getting clean tackles on him often, not all of the time, but often. When he gets a guy out of position, he has the power to run through arm tackles. He can create and force arm tackles because of what he is able to do with change of direction. He has good hands and catches the ball well out of the backfield. He is a competitor. He was fun to be around on the sideline because of that competitive nature. We would like to get him deeper into the game plan. He has been on scout team for four weeks so the amount that he knew we felt comfortable with him executing was a little less. Now we have another week with him up out of scouts.

How is Jay Warren and does the emergence of Trey Rodriguez allow you to take things slowly with Jay?

I had a long conversation with Jay yesterday. We are not down on Jay. It is really a health issue for Jay. We want to get Jay as close as we can. We need Jay and that is the conversation I had with him. We need you obviously health is a part of it and we will do the best we can to get you back to a healthy position. Because, last time we saw Jay at full strength, he had 140 yards against Miami in a half. That is pretty good. We would love to have that guy back. So, we are working on a way to get back to that point.
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Via the Register Herald…

Florida Atlantic is tired of seeing Marshall win on its turf.

Two years ago, the Thundering Herd welcomed FAU to Conference USA with a 24-23 victory in Boca Raton. It took a 41-yard field goal by Justin Haig as time expired for the Herd to get the victory that largely is pointed to as the turning point in Marshall’s current run of success.

FAU wants to end Herd's run of Boca Raton success
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I thought this week's "Chat with Charlie" was really interesting.  Obviously its all "coach talk", but he does say comment on having to be able to run the ball when everyone on TV knows they are going to do it, and to throw short passes to get the first down.  Maybe I'm over analyzing it, but he says he execute plays at the end of the game that weren't even called… (1:45ish)

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Ralph Leonard in the two deep for this first time this year against Marshall…excited to see this guy play:

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