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Alumni Center gets underway

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Alumni Center gets underway


It looks like the Alumni center will be a nice facility.

The mission of the Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association is to connect or reconnect alumni to the University and to facilitate alumni involvement with, and support for, the University. It is difficult to accomplish this when there is no place on campus, which will provide a ?home? for alumni when they do return. The Alumni Center will provide that home.

The need for an Alumni Center on the Boca Raton Campus has become more and more obvious as the number of graduates of Florida Atlantic University continues to grow. Currently the alumni
population is 95,000+. When alumni return to visit the University, the only place available to welcome them is the small suite of offices on the second floor of the Williams Administration Building occupied by the Office of Alumni Relations staff.

The Alumni Center will provide facilities for use by other campus constituencies: students, faculty, staff and administration. The Alumni Office and Alumni Association work very closely with Student Affairs, Student Activities and Student Government on a variety of joint
programming initiatives. Finding suitable locations for these joint activities is often a challenge. If students, in particular, become accustomed to visiting the Alumni Center and participating in activities there, they will find it much more comfortable to return as graduates. Logically, then, the Alumni Center will also serve as a center for Commencement activities. The ramifications for support for the University as a whole are enormous.

Meetings for the Florida Atlantic University National Alumni Association Board and its committees, as well as other gatherings of alumni groups, must be held in a variety of locations?many of them off-campus?because appropriate space is not always available on campus at the required times. Many alumni programs, breakfasts, and banquets/receptions must be hosted at local hotels and restaurants; and the cost has become increasingly great.

The following is a brief description of the vision for this facility:

The first floor of the Alumni Center will be designed to accommodate everything from informal receptions of varying sizes to sit-down dinners for 100. Functionality and versatility will be critical. The meeting/classrooms located adjacent to the central reception area will be constructed in such a way as to permit expansion of gatherings into these spaces. These classrooms will also have movable walls, providing seating for approximately 30 in each one. When the walls are retracted, the combined rooms will provide theater style seating for 100. Further expansion of the reception area will be made possible by utilizing the veranda, which will be accessible via glass walls and doors. The verandah?s flooring will be made up of engraveable pavers.

The library, also located adjacent to the reception area, will be a showcase for our alumni donors and benefactors. Photos of the major donors and benefactors and other outstanding alumni will cover the walls of the library. The photos and ?stories? of major donors will be the largest. Those outstanding alumni who are not major donors but who contribute $10,000 will have their photos and ?stories? displayed on the walls, as well. The library should be a showcase, a room that tells ?our collective story??that helps to establish tradition?that says to prospective students, current students, and alumni, ?This is your alumni family. This is who we are. We are your network!?

The Alumni Staff offices/work area, the Professional Development Center and the FAUNAA Presidents? Board Room may be located on the second floor of the Alumni Center. The Board Room will honor past presidents of the Alumni Association and will be utilized for Board meetings and functions. The Board Room, if located on the first floor, might also be used as additional function space in conjunction with large events. The Professional Development Center will house the Alumni Mentoring Program, computer terminals for alumni use and carrels for mock interviews, etc. Corporate Partners will be invited to use available offices for their on campus recruitment and interviewing. Top tier Corporate Partners will be able to use the Center for events/training sessions at a discounted rental rate. The vision for the Alumni Center includes a Lighthouse Tower that will be a very visible landmark on campus. The Tower will be backlit, and various colors of backlighting will be used to ?announce? significant events on campus (commencement, athletic victories, etc.) The Alumni Center will be a ?home away from home? for alumni. It will be a place where traditions will be celebrated and where traditions will be created.
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Alumni Center gets underway

This project has been in the works for a while now and very nice to see it getting underway.
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