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Anquan Boldin to the Dolphins???


Anquan Boldin to the Dolphins???

I'm not a Dolphins fan but I know a lot of you are so I thought I'd pass this along………..

Boldin to Miami?
Anquan Boldin | Cardinals | Interested: Eagles? Giants? Dolphins?

Anquan Boldin has been linked to teams all around the NFL, as wishful thinking amongst fans has led to numerous blog posts creating rumors of imminent trades. Some have been debunked officially by team officials while some have been left lingering. While not initially thought to be involved in the derby that could take place should the Arizona Cardinals start shopping the Pro Bowler, the Miami Dolphins got an unexpected affirmation on Thursday directly from the source.

As posted by the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, Boldin told ESPN Radio 760 that in terms of playing for the Dolphins, "I would love to. You know, I'm a Florida guy, always will be a Florida guy at heart. If it happens, I'll definitely be grateful."

Later on in the interview, Boldin said of his feud with the team, "It's a tough situation and you definitely don't want this hanging over your head going into another season, especially it being a couple of years past due." While he could threaten holding out, that's his only trump card, and he is still under contract so any talk of other teams is reliant on the fact that the Cardinals even want to trade him at all. For their part, the Cardinals have been continually maintaining publicly that they will do everything they can to re-negotiate Boldin's contract and that they are not even considering trade offers this offseason.

The Dolphins could offer the Cardinals a solid package in return. Arizona's primary need this offseason is a running back to complement or supplant Tim Hightower, and the Dolphins could send them the revitalized Ricky Williams. While Williams, who will turn 32 this offseason, might struggle if he had to carry the full rushing load, he had a solid 659-yard campaign as a complementary back to Ronnie Brown in 2008 with the Fins. The Dolphins' first-round pick at No. 25 overall would likely also be in play, meaning the Cards would be able to take Chris Wells or Knowshon Moreno there and draft to one of their other needs at No. 31 if Williams wasn't part of the swap.

My two favorite teams are FAU, and who ever is beating FIU!
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