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Arkansas Turmoil


Arkansas Turmoil

Very interesting article about Arkansas and what pressure football recruits are under.

Here are some of the quote:

"He had had enough of the games, the pressure and the lying,"
Voigt wrote. "He just wanted to play college football, and for the
first time he was sure of where he wanted that to be – at home, at

Recruits, of course, are often leaving home for the first time.
They must figure out where they want to spend the next few years of
their lives – while also taking into account who the coach is, what
type of system a team will run and whether the situation is a good

That quote – not Mustain's earlier comments about Nutt – is what
readers should take note of. After months of wavering and wondering
whom to believe, Mustain was worn down. The recruiting game, sadly,
can be brutally unforgiving.

Arkansas ESPN Article

Another article concerning the off-field turmoil

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