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Athlon College Football Sideline Spirit Contest


Athlon College Football Sideline Spirit Contest

Hey Guys – The Non-BCS rep for Round 1 of this contest is Florida International's Golden Dazzler Vanessa Marrero. She is from the SBC and it would be nice for the Non-BCS rep to win and go forward. The 2005 winner was from the SEC (Kentucky).

Please use the link below to get to the Athlon website. Click on Vanessa Marerro's pic to vote for her.

The contest for round 1 will end tonight at 11:59pm CENTRAL time.

Here is the link:


Here are the results so far:

Round 1 - 2006

Vanessa Marrero (Non-BCS, Sun Belt) 237,354
Taylor Yates (SEC) 236,973
Brittany Hartigan (Big East) 20,012
Holly Thomas (Big 12) 8,012
Julie Schmid (Big Ten) 5,766
Yvonne Steward (ACC) 2,525

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