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Blountstown Players


Blountstown Players

I went to the blountstown weightroom to watch LB Corey Silcox, RB Arsenio Ivory, and RB Chance Attaway test the same skills they were tested at the nike camp in May. Here are the results. On the bench they used 225 instead of 185.

Silcox 5'11 216 ran a 4.57 40, 4.37 shuttle, 35 verticle jump, and benched 225 38 times. Most dominant defensive player.

Attaway 5'11 194 ran a 4.49 40, 4.41 shuttle, 33 verticle jump, and benched 225 17 times. Most balanced back.

Ivory 5'8 174 ran a 4.45 40, 4.57 shuttle, 36 verticle jump, and benched 225 35 times. Most dominant runner. 2x state champion weightlifter, 1x lifter of the year.
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