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Check this out


Check this out

New UCF Arboretum (essentially a designated botanical area) will have themed sections


Page 5 has the map
Pages 6-8 show conceptual drawings

A cool idea and most likely something that UCF students will brag about in the future.

In other news, although it's not technically news, I've heard that the new FAU Wellness Center… which was originally supposed to be open in August 2008, will probably not be ready until August 2009. Anybody else heard that date? Considering that they have the fences up and they're tearing up the roads on the north end of the Breezeway now, I can't see why it would take them two years to build this little building. Previously, I've heard it will open for Spring semester 2009 (meaning January 2009) and that sounds more like it to me…

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