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Crossing the line in sports?


Crossing the line in sports?

I was listening to Maxim radio on my Sirius earlier today when I heard the host of the show 'Stretch' talking to Jeff Pearlman who used to write for SI talking about Texas Rangers OF Josh Hamilton (if you don't know who Josh Hamilton is click on the link

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During the interview he took a call from someone in Detroit who was at a game recently Vs. Texas and was sitting in the outfield. He told the host that they were yelling 'crack head' and similar sorts of things to Hamilton while he was out there. One fan even yelled "Hey Josh, what'd you do for 4:20" He said that Hamilton was laughing and joking about it and at one point put his glove over his mouth so they wouldn't see him laughing.

Now I understand that if you show the opposing teams fans that, that bothers you it's only going to make it worse and they won't layoff. I ask you guys though, is that crossing the line?

In my opinion it's a bit harsh and you can be more creative then that but I don't feel like it's crossing the line. You can go to Fenway park a few years back and see shirts that read 'Jeter has AIDS' or for you hockey fans Rangers fans still to this day yell at former Islanders defenseman Dennis Potvin, who hasn't played in 20 years "Beat your wife Potvin"!

A few years back there was a Forward of the New York Rangers Theorn Fleury who also had to attend rehab which prompted Islanders fans to chant "Crack head Theo"!

My point is that when you're a professional athlete you're going to hear things like that. I think yelling at someone about their mother or racial/sexual slurs are a lot worse.

Jeff Pearlman wrote an article on ESPN Page 2 about his appearance on the 'Stretch' show on Maxim Radio


My two favorite teams are FAU, and who ever is beating FIU!
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