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FIU UCF need more money for Med schools


FIU UCF need more money for Med schools

This is crazy! There is a demand for more doctors, Brogan partners with UM and we have med students on FAU campus. It didn't cost the taxpayers $250,000,000.

FIU and UCF now say they need more money than they thought. Brogan is getting slammed for a $500,000 severance pay and FIU and UCF now need an extra $110,000,000 because they goofed on their cost estimation.

Where is Brogan getting credit for the brain storm to save so much money? There will be a teaching hospital on campus without costing the taxpayers 1 cent. FIU and UCF will come back and say the diplomas issued for the FAU med program will have UM on them. SO FREAKIN' WHAT!. This isn't an ego thing. FAU is producing well trained doctors on the FAU campus without costing the taxpayers $750,000,000. From things I've read, more students prefer the Boca Raton campus over the Coral Gables/Miami campus.

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