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Idiot Fans and violence toward athletes


Idiot Fans and violence toward athletes

We've had the recent shooting of a HS football coach. We've also had the ref attacks. But the majority of violence seems to come from the majors sports. Is it possible that high schools and colleges have a better handle on these type of things? How can you explain the behaviors when the ADULT FANS are involved with spectators vs kids and their schools? Could it be harsher punishments in amature sports, that's detering the THUG mentality like the Boston Red Sox/Gary Sheffield episodes? The Pacer/Pistons issues last year brought out a message board poster who believed that the uneducated NBA players may lead to violence on the court?!?! They made too much money too quickly. He attempted to validate his belief by stating that because they leave college early, they don't make sound decisions! My question to him was how much education did the idiot in the $2500.00 seat had, that actually threw the beer at Artest? It makes you wonder. But as we all know they get even more rowdy in college than they do in high school?

The Tally boys are working on passing a bill that allows for "Force vs Equal Force" to combat everyday crime. Yet the sporting world expect you to walk away when someone punches you in the face during a baseball game AND throw beer at you?

Do we feel more invincible as we get older or do we just get plain stupid because we pay a few more dollars than the high school and college sports??
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