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LM77's completely valid point...


LM77's completely valid point...

ok, the thread was closed that this was made under…and am glad - because it was in the wrong place…but, did want to make a comment on this truthful remark he closed the thread with:

"We have not had to make many suspensions in the history of this board… and I hope it stays that way. Owl fans are a relatively civil group ." - LM77

Right on!  That is the whole thing here…FAU's fans are civil…they are (for the most part) respectful…it is not our fans that causes this "need" to ban anyone…it is OTHER FANS visiting this board - VISITING…and that is just what the whole "cry" was about…one would concur that "visiting" implies some sense of "respect" towards the host…as BMarkey said a while back, when do you go to someones house and visit  you dont sit there and nit pick, put down, or knock the decor, or furniture…a simple analogy, but rich in meaning…

ok, im done now!  just had to agree with LM77's point and add a "little jot" to it…  8)
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