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Major fund-raising still going on


Major fund-raising still going on

I saw this in the Jan. 23, 2009 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

If y'all get a chance to read it (it should be at every library… and if you are an FAUNAA member… you can go to FAU library and read it! - shamless plug LOL -) definitely take the time to read it.

According to the report:
"More than two dozen athletics departments are involved in or planning endowment campaigns. Here are the programs with the biggest goals:
  1. Univ. of California at Berkeley: $500 million
  2. Duke: $350 million
  3. Boston College: $250 million
  4. Univ. of Texas: $200 million
  5. LSU: $155 million

Cal Berkeley is also renovating their football stadium. And from that story…

"In the spring, the university plans to start selling the rights to 3,000 prime seats in the renovated football stadium for terms of 30 to 50 years. Fans will be asked to pay up to $225,000 for each seat, money that will go into the university's athletics endowment. They will be able to pay for the seats up front or in annual payments, with interest."

That's $10,000 a year. And that money is getting endowed. This is a great idea.

But FAU can't pull it off…. at least I don't think. We have to have a minimum of $30,000 (or maybe it's $50,000) to endow money. So unless we are selling our seats for $1,000 a piece for the next 50 years…

Wait… maybe it will work. LOL.

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Re: Major fund-raising still going on

Well, 50 years sounds about right for the pace we are going with our stadium.
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