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USF new fan behavior standards - profanity and kegs


USF new fan behavior standards - profanity and kegs

After the UAB game, there was a discussion on this board on the "family atmosphere" at FAU games. Well, here is a piece on the new standards at USF. Just an FYI

Tampa Tribune USF Sports Blog

The Tampa Sports Authority and the University of South Florida announced Friday a series of stricter initiatives to enhance the game-day experience for fans attending USF football games at Raymond James Stadium.

The new guidelines are in response to numerous complaints of abusive, profanity-laced verbal attacks and intimidation of Kansas fans by USF fans before, during and after USF’s game with the Jayhawks on Sept. 12.

Among the changes:

* Parking lots won’t be opened until four hours before kickoff for tailgating; they previously were open five hours. Same as FAU now.* Kegs or “large vessels” containing alcohol will be prohibited and confiscated in the parking lots.
* Inside the stadium, fans will be ejected for using profanity and offensive language. Concern of some FAU fans.*
* RJS employees will request IDs for any person buying beer (previously only those younger than 30 were required to show ID).

Also, additional security, law enforcement and ATB will be used inside and outside the stadium. Same as FAU now.

We do recognize, though, the need to continually monitor and adjust our stadium policies and procedures to ensure that we are providing the very best experience possible for everyone who attends our games.  To that end, many in the USF community including students, alumni and staff, developed and announced in August a new sportsmanship campaign - “Be Respect-A-Bull”.  The campaign was launched prior to the first home game and it is anticipated that it will be a staple of the USF culture for years to come.   Creative title.*

The New or Enhanced Initiatives and Points of Emphasis

Parking Lots/Tailgating
* Parking lots will open a maximum of four hours before kickoff (previous policy provided for parking lots to open five hours before kickoff for games that started after 1:00 p.m.)
* Fans will not be permitted to possess mass amounts of alcohol.  Kegs or large vessels that contain alcoholic beverages will be prohibited and confiscated
* The number and presence of security, law enforcement personnel and ATB agents will be increased
* Efforts to identify intoxicated fans will be enhanced. Fans determined by law enforcement to be intoxicated will be denied entry to the stadium

Inside Stadium
* The number and presence of security and law enforcement personnel will be increased and enforcement of all stadium policies will be enhanced.  Special emphasis will include, but not be limited to:

* Abuse of intoxicants will not be tolerated.  Fans will be ejected for abusing intoxicants
* Profanity and other offensive language will not be tolerated. Fans will be ejected for using profanity and offensive language
* Disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.  Fans will be ejected or arrested for such behavior
* Abusive or threatening behavior directed at the visiting team, visiting team fans, visiting team officials and game officials will not be tolerated.  Fans will be ejected for such behavior
* The promotion of the stadium’s fan messaging service in which fans seeking assistance can immediately text 813-277-6501 or call 813-350-6501 will be dramatically increased
* The monitoring of alcohol sales and use will be enhanced.
* The stadium concessionaire will require identification from all fans purchasing alcohol. (Current practice requires identification only from those who appear to be 30 years of age or younger.)
* Additional undercover officers will be deployed to monitor and enforce all alcohol policies
* Ticket privileges will be revoked for those ejected from a game or arrested (policy will apply to season ticket holders, single-game ticket buyers and students)
* The fact that the USF Student Code of Conduct and Student Alcohol Policy extends to all games at Raymond James Stadium will be more effectively communicated to all students.  Students who violate the policy will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with USF policy

Ongoing Assessment and Review
* All policies and procedures will be subject to review and modification throughout the football season

Additional Information Regarding the “Be Respect-A-Bull” Campaign

* Videotaped message from Head Football Coach Jim Leavitt
* A full-page advertisement has been included in the football game program
* A full-page advertisement has been included in the Bulls Fan Guide
* Buttons were created with the campaign logo and are worn by Raymond James Stadium personnel and many USF staff in addition to being distributed at all home games
* Created flyers with the campaign message that were distributed at the first two home games
* Student, Alumni Association and staff campaign “ambassadors” roam the parking lots at all home games communicating the “Be Respect-A-Bull” message

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