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What's your Top 10?


What's your Top 10?

off week this week for FAU… what else is there to do?  let's waste some time by entering the never-ending discussion area of TOP 25

here's my Top 10

1. LSU 6-0
2. Ohio State 6-0
3. Cal 5-0
4. Oklahoma 5-1
5. Oregon 5-1
6. USC 4-1
7. South Florida 5-0
8. Boston College 6-0
9. West Virginia 5-1
10. Missouri 5-0

There is no one better in the entire nation than LSU.  The question is #2.  I take Ohio State because of their experience on defense.  Cal is a good team… time will sort out who is #2 and #3.  Right now, I take the Buckeyes.  Here's where I get interesting.  I take BC and USF and drop them in favor of Oklahoma at #4.  Put Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, and Malcolm Kelly on the field with BC or USF and I don't believe it would even be a game.  Oregon only lost one game and it was to the disputed #2/3 team in the nation, in Cal.  Oregon has a good quality loss and I put them at 5.  Ok - so ONE unforeseen upset is going to drop the offensive showcase and defensive dominance of USC out of everyone's Top 10?  It's really ridiculous.  The team has proven leadership all over the damn field.  Don't count them out.  This team has lost 2 games in the past - what? 10 years?  #7 and #8 I'll put the undefeated Cinderellas.  I put USF on top of BC because they have quality wins IN Auburn and against West Virginia - who is my #9.  Missouri jumps in my top 10, because they may only one quality ranked win, it was a BLOWOUT against Nebraska.

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