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Mack Brown Denies Resignation . . .

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The website Orangebloods.com reported that Brown will announce his resignation by the end of the week . . .

Mack Brown denies report of resignation | Fox News
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Texas rumored to be targeting Nick Saban as their next coach. They can definitely afford it.

Other people think Saban's agent will use that to get Alabama to commit to a $7M/yr contract extension which would make him (I believe) the highest paid coach in college football.

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And rumors are that Texas is throwing 12mm and a 1% stake in the Longhorn Network, for TEN YEARS, making him the most ridiculously compensated state employee in Texas
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Signs that football is way of of whack in America. And the greed that is now BigBoy Collegiate football is unending. Look at the cash from this years bowl season. Comparing the AQ conferences to the non-AQ conferences;

AQ                         Non-AQ/Ind.

Total Teams                                                  72 (57%)                       54 (43%)

Bowl Teams                                                   48 (69%)                       22 (31%)

Bowl Payout                                              $271.6 M (94%)             $16.6 M (6%)

Notice the trend here. The power AQ conferences make up 57% of FBS schools but received 69% of the bowl slots and those slots wil pay them 94% of the bowl cash pie! that is an average for AQ programs of $3.8 MILLION while the Non AQ average share is $307,000. For schools like FAU that is less than 10% of what the AQ Big Boys will split among themselves.

But wait, I forgot to take out the $3.2M the 3 Independent schools going to bowl games get to keep to themselves did'nt I. That reduces the pool for the 48 remaing non AQ programs to $13.4M to split or now only $279,000 each (down to barely 7% now)!

Pretty ugly ain't it and schools like Texas can throw around numbers like $10M a year to one man plus a percent of the TV deal PLUS still having to pay a huge buyout to the outgoing Coach. Amazing how unlevel the playing field is FAU has to deal with!                                   

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