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Alamo Bowl replaces Big 12 with Pac 10 Team


Alamo Bowl replaces Big 12 with Pac 10 Team

hmm…. *thinking* Interseting move here by the Alamo Bowl. San Antonio is Big 12 country, so replacing a Big 12 team with a Pac-10 team is interseting… but now that the Alamo Bowl is the premier Pac-10 bowl (after the Rose Bowl), maybe that's why they did it?

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SAN ANTONIO – The Alamo Bowl will be the Pac-10's top game after the Rose Bowl starting in the 2010 season.

Organizers announced a four-year deal Friday that replaces the Big Ten's fourth team with the Pac-10's second team.

The Big Ten has faced the Big 12 since 1995 after Pac-10 teams played in the bowl's first two seasons.

This season's game, the last one for the Big Ten, is Jan. 2.

Previously, Pac-10 teams who missed the Bowl Championship Series played in San Diego's Holiday Bowl.

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Re: Alamo Bowl replaces Big 12 with Pac 10 Team

PAC-10 could not fill their bowl slots last year and they won't again. The more slots left open gives schools like FAU a chance if they don't win the conference title as we have to to be guaranteed a bowl. As long as we are in the Suck Belt. Those deals we signed last year but did not even know the terms were and are a joke. Even C-USA added another bowl this year!
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