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Freeh report and PSU


Freeh report and PSU

Ouch! For a report paid for by PSU, it sure did'nt pull any punches and leaves PSU and those admins. WIDE OPEN for criminal prosecution and cival suits! HUGE cival suit settlements or awards, if JoPa's wife can get what, $45 MILLION from the school then what do you think these suits will go after - AND GET! Many call for the NCAA for a Death Penalty due to the severity of the criminal offenses and the extent of the cover up and perjury by PSU Coaches and Admins. but the suits themselves may break PSU and/or the PSU Athletic Dept.

Here is a link to an article and a link to the full report;

Freeh Report assigns blame to Joe Paterno, other Penn State officials for Jerry Sandusky's crimes - Yahoo! Sports

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Ugly AND sad day (and not saying that as a PSU supporter - I am not) but for the victims whom were NOT protected in ANY WAY by PSU, EVER!
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