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great idea for recruiting, just get the name out there


great idea for recruiting, just get the name out there

Beavers take recruiting to new heights

The buzz of the airplane could be heard above the football stadium just as the marching band was preparing to start its halftime show.

This was at the matchup between West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade and Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame two weeks ago.

Burbank's Bob Hope Airport is close to the stadium in Sherman Oaks so hearing takeoffs and landings are not uncommon but this was a different sound.

Much lower. Much closer.

Everyone looked up in the dark September sky to see words scrolling on the bottom of the airplane.

"Oregon State football," it read. "Go Beavs."

"That is awesome," one West Hills Chaminade fan said.

"What is that?" another asked.

Recruiting tactics have taken many forms but this might be a first. Credit goes to Oregon State director of operations Dan Van De Riet for thinking up this gem.

The Beavers' coaches cannot be at every game, cannot be out recruiting all the time, cannot make their presence felt across all of Southern California but if an airplane was commissioned to fly scrolling text above high school football fields across the area then they could get noticed.

And in a very distinct way.

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