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Johnny Manziel has made Texas A&M the New Villain . . .

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A lot of people are calling Johnny Manziel a jackass . . .

Manziel has made A&M the new villain | Fox News
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Hands down the best breakdown of the Manziel situation I've read

ala Deadspin:

It turns out that the only thing more off-putting than Manziel's entitled frat-boy vibe is hours upon hours of talking heads bitching about Manziel's entitled frat-boy vibe—phony, self-righteous clucking of the lowest order. (Did 20-year-old Todd McShay ever accept gifts from his parents, or do anything that might make him seem like kind of a jackass to strangers? Do we need an instant record of his every move on the Internet to answer that?) Manziel is the perfect candidate to embrace this role because he is a) just churlish enough to do things like engaging with Twitter trolls, getting kicked out quarterback camp for being hung over, flouting outdated NCAA rules, getting in an opponent's face, etc., while also being b) infuriatingly good at football. His potential as a tabloid antagonist is off the charts. I hope he is bad as he can possibly be while remaining eligible and not actually hurting anyone, and I hope he backs it up. If he takes A&M to the top, the disbelief and barely concealed disgust of the self-appointed adults in the room will be worth it.
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