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Parade at Disney World for UCF


Just saw this (must have missed it earlier) and though it was cool to post;


Nice video of the parade at Disney World for the UCF football team celebrating their Fiesta Bowl victory ovr Big12 Baylor.

Maybe someday soon that will be the Owls! Congrats to UCF though, great season up there.

P.S. - we GOTTA get our band BIGGER too!
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It's certainly a nice gesture to be recognized at a high-profile place like that - and hey, it made Yahoo! Congrats to UCF.

But it's more of a win for Disney because they sell theme park tickets, food and (potentially) merchandise. For years they've been letting people in for free on their birthday because then you'll bring friends and family who will buy tickets (and of course you'll all spend money in the park once you're there).

The Mouse (nickname for Disney management) knows what it's doing. For instance, bottled drinks from vendor carts are more expensive at the parks when it's hotter outside. They always think about how to make money there… what you might call the business of selling magic.

As an aside, if you are interested in the theme park industry you can check out Screamscape - which incidentally was the main inspiration for the FAU Diehard blog here.

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