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UWF Football Party Over; UNF thinking about it


UWF Football Party Over; UNF thinking about it

From a Pensacola paper

"UWF consultant's reports sums up in one figure: the estimated $25 million it would take to get a football program off the ground.

We appreciate the optimism of those who think it can be raised. But the practical reality is that without a really rich angel dedicated to UWF football, the odds of raising that kind of money — especially in this economic climate — are microscopic."

Looks like we won't have more competition for players there; UNF however has just transitioned to Division 1, they're interested in football and they have a nice track stadium they could potentially use… but according to their AD, football is not happening soon. He told their student newspaper: “No, we’ve got a ways to go. We’ve got to get here where we are good at what we do right now.”

We talk about how terrible the economy is right now and complain about the uncertainty regarding the stadium; imagine if we were just trying to START the football program now. We're lucky that we have something now even without an OCS.

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