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Alfred Morris in NFL Draft magazine


Alfred Morris in NFL Draft magazine

On my way out of Publix today I saw one of the NFL Draft magazines ("Pro Football Draft", I think?) and looked into what they had to say about Morris.

Basically they feel like he's a solid runner, he's a tweener tailback/halfback, and would do best on special teams at the next level. However, they say he has only one gear, doesn't have any "suddenness" and won't make defenders miss. They put him at #30 of all RBs going in and didn't have him going in their mock draft.

WKU's Bobby Rainey was ranked higher (I think #17) in part because he did well on the ground against Nebraska and another BCS school. Apparently they didn't see Morris do, you know, pretty much the same thing.

T.Y. Hilton was in the Top 20 for receivers too. They lauder him with great vision and quickness, saying he would do well as a return specialist, but suggested he was otherwise too small for good blocking/normal WR work.

Interesting perspectives.

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