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Alfred Morris not likely to see carries drop, fantasy owners shouldn't worry

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DevilsAdvocate said

GeorgiaOwl said

Skins seem to think they are better off with a rb with a LOWER yards per carry who fumbles A LOT and is hurt A LOT!

Good luck to ya Alfred, will miss calling them the FREDSKINS! Coulda renamed then THAT and ended the so called controvery. See Seminoles, Black Hawks, Indians, Braves….nobody screaming at them to change like the are the Redskins.

Posted On: Mar 6th 2016, 10:07 AM #355026

Alfred fumbled 4 times in his rookie year (1 less than Jones), 5 times in 2013, 2 times in 2014. Alfred will find a team that he fits their style of play better than the 'skins.
Posted On: Mar 6th 2016, 11:05 AM #355028

But carried it nearly twice as many times that 1st year (and gained over 1500 yards, not 500!), with no injury issues and ZERO fumbles this past year with GOD AWFUL blocking most of the time. Actually I don't recall Alfred missing a single game in his career!
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I think Alfred Morris is a great person.  He had a great career with FAU and he single handedly beat UAB in 2011 to help us avoid going winless.  One of the great single game individual FAU performances in our history.  But the cold hard facts are that NFL running backs have diminishing value with every season and carry that passes.  I think he will get signed some where, but if it is with the Dolphins it will be a continuation of poor free agency signings and poor drafting by the 'Phins.
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Very true, NFL rb's do have a shorter career than any other positition. The good news is he did not get overused this past year which will may him more attractive than any back who had 250-300 touches. best of luck to him from this proud Owl! Should get a real nice one year deal at minimum.
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