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Stadium Open Daily?


I saw that the stadium is open to the public on Mon-Thurs 8-5.  I just walked over and, sure enough, the southwest main gate is open.  There are signs that give the hours, no smoking, and directions to the elevator for the Accura deck.  The field itself is marked as "closed", but basically everything below the club level is open.  There were a couple of students walking around the sections, and there were several in the couches on the deck in the cool breezy shade with their books.

Does anyone know what is the impetus for this?  I just think it is an interesting development.  I really am not sure of the grand plan in this, but I just feel like there is a real sea change in attitudes toward students in a positive way.  The other aspect is that visitors to the campus (both students and parents) don't need to be on an "official" tour to have the chance to visit the stadium and the hallowed Schnellenberger Field, on which we are still undefeated !!

The other thing that is going on this week is that President Kelly has basically invited the entire campus to his house for a Halloween party  -  Staff on one night, Faculty on another night, and students for the third night - although students will be on the lawn.  It is not like he doesn't have anything to do - the whole week is filled with Homecoming events, the game on Saturday, plus approx 9-10,000 students already signed up for the second FAU Expo to be held on Saturday leading into the game.

I can't help it.  I just feel so excited and optimistic about the future environment for this school.
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A lot of college football stadiums are open for joggers so students can run up and down the stairs. In general it allows students to get more connected to the stadium and interweave that into their life more often than just on Saturdays. As you said, some people are using it to study, and a lot of prospective students like to check it out when they take a campus tour.

So I think that was the impetus for it, just trying to bring us up to the standard of other universities and provide additional options for students.

Hopefully nobody does anything stupid to cause them to revoke the privilege. It's a great (albeit small) step forward.

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