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ESPN.com Mailbag.. Who's going to win the Belt?


ESPN.com Mailbag.. Who's going to win the Belt?


Ian from Pensacola Fla., writes: Who do you pick for the Sun Belt this year? Also do you have any info on what happened with Josh Jarboe at Troy?

G-Dub: It's hard to pick against Troy especially since it returns almost every meaningful player on the roster. But I'd watch out for Florida International. I've been saying this all spring: The Golden Panthers are the sleeper of that conference and could shock some folks this year. As for Josh Jarboe, he's been working in spring drills and is expected to start in the fall.

Jeremy from Donalsonville, Ga.,
writes: Graham, love your articles…. thank you for covering the "other half" of college football… in July when the Sun Belt releases its own pre-season poll, i am sure TROY and FAU will be at the top…. do you think MTSU has a chance of landing the #3 spot with Franklin's new offense, or is the hole at LB too big to overcome? Go Trojans !!!

G-Dub: I think bringing Franklin to MTSU was genius, but I'm always leery about giving teams too much credit in the first year of a new offense. Obviously, there's a learning curve there even though MTSU brings back a lot of guys. I think it's going to be a tight race in the Sun Belt like it is every year. Troy, FAU, FIU, Arkansas State and MTSU could all challenge for the top spot, which is actually pretty exciting if you're a Sun Belt fan. So where does the separation come? Obviously, on defense. Which team can put together consistent defensive efforts? That's where, as you stated, MTSU could struggle.

Putting my obvious bias towars FAU to the side, I think Troy will win the 'Belt again. Maybe we can share it with them again. I'm not so sure about FIU this season, they may have improved but I guess time will tell. I'm going to say Troy finishes # 1, FAU # 2, FIU/Ark. State # 3, MTSU # 4, ULL # 5, ULM # 6, WKU # 7 UNT # 8

UNT has to show they can win more then 1 or 2 games in a season, WKU is in their first year in the 'Belt. They were fairly competitive last year but it'll take them time to add size and strength in recruiting before they can be successful

My two favorite teams are FAU, and who ever is beating FIU!
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