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owl2Doc's blog

FAU On The Fifth: New Student Housing Project Update

Greetings Owl Nation!

After some digging I finally found a rendering of the upcoming (hopefully) NW 5th Ave Student Apartments on the Corvue Holdings website (all rights to them, included here for commentary. Click on the link

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Owl Nation!

The Class of 2020 settled into their new on-campus digs over the last few days and will enjoy a pretty impressive schedule for Weeks of Welcome including a concert at Mizner Park, Women’s soccer match in…

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Wet Hot FAU Summer: Breezeway Renovation Begins

Greetings Owl Nation!

The summer’s come, most of the students are gone, time to make some changes to campus!



As of June 20th, the $3.4+M project is officially underway. The plan is to renovate the…

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Photo Update and Discussion: Coke vs Pepsi, Rat's Mouth vs Preserve,…

Hello again Owl Nation!

I’ve been meaning to post some pictures but haven’t gotten around to it. This will be a little scattershot but who cares.

Let’s start off-campus. FAU has been marketing themselves around town both on the…

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Let's Make Shopping a Pleasure on Campus - 1-23-16

Should FAU try and get a Publix on campus?

There are NO current plans to do so. But maybe there should be.

Recent reports out of Tampa have indicated that the USF Board of Trustees are to vote on bringing a Publix…

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The Next Big Thing, #Rename20th and C-block on the chopping block?…


A huge development is coming FAU’s way and it’s likely to be a big boost for off-campus life.

After years of debate and a multi-hour City Council meeting that reportedly dragged on past midnight, the…

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2015 Move-in Day and the Red Hot Meet & Greet

Welcome back, Owl Nation!

Move-in Day for FAU freshmen

on Thursday FAU welcomed over 4,000 students back to campus, many for the very first time. They came from all over the place - west coast of Florida, north Florida, New…

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Campus, Food, Waves and More Photo Update (7/19/15)

Greetings Owl Nation!

Haven't done one of these Photo Updates in awhile (since Sept 2014… whoops)

It's summer and campus is slow. I saw 5-6 different student-led tours of campus as high schoolers try to figure out if they…

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The Ritter Exhibit Part 2: Bring On The Renderings

Hello Owl Nation!

As detailed in my first entry, President Kelly asked the FAU School of Architecture and School of Urban/Regional Planning to envision the future of campus and 20th Street and the results were displayed at…

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The Ritter Exhibit: FAU Students Imagine The Future of Campus/20th…

Greeting fellow Owl fans!

Back on Tuesday this week forum member fauowl posted the following notification:

"From the FAU College for Design and Social Inquiry:

Over the last year, the School of Architecture has produced

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The Spring Game, Relocating the Rat, a Stangant Shuttle and 20th St…

Greetings Owl Nation.

Hope everyone had a great time at the Spring Game today - FAU had a good turnout and the west lower sidelines were decently packed!

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Campus Photo Update (9/12/14)

Greetings everyone!

Been running around on my downtime taking some pictures for those of you who are interested in such things and can't make it to campus.…

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New Student Housing Project Coming to 20th Street

And then there were three.…

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FAU invites you to help "Reinvent the Breezeway"

The long-awaited Breezeway Renovation project is finally full-steam ahead!

Architecture firm MC Harry & Associates won the rights to renovate the Breezeway, a $2.5M project that we've discussed before on several occasions. It's…

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Let's Imagine an Athletics Master Plan

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thought I'd do something special and talk about my vision for an FAU Athletics Master Plan over the next 50 years. I'll show you the image first (done in Paint because I have zero Photoshop skills)…

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College of Business Renovations plus updates on PG3/Breezeway

Greetings Owl fans.

Swung by campus the other night to see what was happening (the place is dead because all the students have gone home for the holidays) and noticed the long-awaited Sean Stein Pavilion has finally been…

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Strange Decision Could Impact Innovation Village Plans

UPDATE 4/15/14: "Held Kick-off meeting Feb. 26th. Site was changed to west of Bldg 71 College of Medicine. Architect to provide first concepts for the plans and elevation on March 19th." (source) WOOHOO! Smart move, FAU. Innovation

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Part 2: Ideas for the Student Union Expansion/Renovation

The last entry was getting a little long (they're all a little long) so I split this into two entries.

As you remember from last time, the proposed Student Union renovation/expansion (on hold for funding at the moment)…

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Early Plans for the Student Union Renovation/Expansion

We need a new Student Union pretty badly.

We just do. There's really no other way of saying it. The present building is too old and too small for our needs. Everybody knows it.

Fortunately, FAU has been working on the Student…

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