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Editorial: "A Nice Time For Review"

Contributed by OwlFan1

The FAU football team is now one-third of the way through the 2009 season and it seems like a nice time for some review. Although most of us are disappointed with the first third of the season, we need only look back to the last two years in order to gain some perspective.

A quick look at the stats...

In 2007 FAU started 3-1. In those four games FAU racked up 1528 yards, 382 yards per game, while scoring 12 TD's on offense. On defense FAU gave up 1614 yards, or 410 yards per game, in that 4 game stretch.

In 2008 FAU started 1-3. In those four games FAU totaled 1348 yards, 337 yards per game, while scoring 8 TD's on offense. On defense FAU gave up 1773 yards, 443 yards per game, thru 4 games.

We are now off to an 0-4 start with some interesting stats...

FAU has totaled 1528 yards, 382 yards per game, with 8 TD's scored on offense. The FAU defense has given up 1791 yards, 448 yards per game, thus far.

On offense, the team has been fairly consistent over 3 years - despite dramatically different outcomes. Interestingly enough, the offense is averaging exactly what it averaged in yards thru 4 games in 2007. The defense is giving up more than the past two years, but only 5 yards per game more than last year.

The only real telling stat is in the number of TD's scored on offense; where this year FAU has 8 as compared to 8 in 2008, and 12 in 2007. However, 2007 saw two conference games in the first four and a win over a Minnesota team that would go winless for the year.

Statistically, this team is pretty close to the team we saw in 2007. Two variables can account for the difficulties FAU is seeing this year:

1) FAU is now a known commodity; no more sneaking up on people - Remember, in 2007 nobody really knew what the FAU offense was capable of under Rusty Smith.

2) Details - This team lacks the fine tuning that the 2007 team had. Too many mistakes in the form of dropped balls and penalties. These mistakes might very well come from nerves as a result of high expectations. No nerves in 2007, just go out and play ball. 2007 was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

The up side of all of this is that the mistakes this year are correctable and the conference schedule provides the Owls with a new opportunity for success.

Here is to 8 straight to close the season!!


- OwlFan1 is a long-time FAU Fan, and Owl's Nest member


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