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Practice Notes for 08-24-10

grahamwilbert08-24-10Florida Atlantic returned to the Oxley center on Tuesday afternoon for work including preparation towards opening day against UAB. They players were both well rested and happy to be back on the fields while enjoying a spirited afternoon session under cloudy skies and unseasonably cool temps.

"They took on a new joy practicing football", said Coach Schnellenberger. "Recognizing we have a long way to go in preparation for our opponent, we are encouraged about this first day of preparation."

But he says there is still some consideration in play as to just who will take the field against the Blazers a week from Thursday, particularly on the offensive side of the ball,

"There is light at the end of the tunnel. There are more players returning to the roster than leaving the roster", Schnellenberger continued. "It's hard to hypothesize about who will be ready to go, but as we get closer to the game we'll know better."

Perhaps the biggest news from today was the appointment of Graham Wilbert as back-up to Jeff Van Camp for the UAB contest in a move that may leave some folks surprised. But Wilbert turned in a better showing at this past Saturday's scrimmage and that had to factor into the equation as the coaches were looking for some separation.

Defensively the Owls picked up right where they left off Saturday with INT's from Marcus Bartels, Tarvoris Hill, Winfred Strickland, Ed Alexander, and Tavious Polo.

There were fewer highlights offensively, but two came from newcomer QB Stephen Curtis. Curtis, who got some extended work in team drills during scout work tossed a 30 yard TD pass TE Alex Fick, and another to WR DeAndre Robinson.

Graham Wilbert threw a 40 yard TD strike earlier to WR Avery Holley during 7-on-7's, and Jeff Van Camp found TE Rob Housler as well.

Quick Hits

"Glad to see Van Camp, Houlser, Jean, Xavier, along with Fred (Morris) starting to make the plays again."

- Schnellenberger on what has encouraged him as of late

"That's been the highlight of training camp, the return of FAU defensive football."

- Schnellenberger

The Owls will return to the field tomorrow at 3:30 in a similar session to that of today before fully immersing in game day preparations on Thursday.


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