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Practice Notes for 09-19-10


The Owls hit the practice field early Sunday afternoon while continuing their preparations for North Texas.

Time was spent on offensive and defensive installations, as well as scout team work on both sides of the ball.

With the bye this week, the team picked up valuable extra practice days, and Coach Schnellenberger is confident that they will prove beneficial.

“We worked hard on it about three day’s this week”, said Coach Schnellenberger. “We got a lot of extra time on it, and should be really ready.”

But once again, he stressed that it is going to come down to a few basic components that the Owls have struggled with at times.

“The first thing you have got to do is keep people from making long passes for touchdowns and long runs for touchdowns”, Schnellenberger said.

If  the Owls can eliminate the big plays, and force longer drives, Schnellenberger says historical odds are still on FAU’s side.

“After about the eighth play (of a drive) the odds go in your favor that the next play is going to be a fumble, or an interception, or a penalty…that’s just the way it has happened over the last 200 years.”

Lester Jean had the play of the day, but it wasn't on the receiving end. The senior tossed a 35 over the shoulder yard strike to a sprinting Rob Housler.

Practice concluded with field goal and extra point blocking attempts, but none were had.

Quick Hits

- Mike Nweze was in a center today for Jimmie Colley

- Erik Hansen sat in for Chris Newbold at right guard

- Both players are expected to suit up for North Texas

FAU will have Monday off, and return to game prep work on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.


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