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Spud Junior?


The Nest Team caught a men's hoops practice a while back and was hoping to check out FAU's new freshman point guard Alex Tucker.  Coach Jarvis is very high on Tucker's play and athleticism.  So, we wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.

At the time, he was not able to practice, so there was a bit of a disappointment.  After practice was over, the team had left, and all of the gear had been packed up, Tucker decided to partake of some shoot around on his own.  So we figured that we'd watch a few "J's" and evaluate his shot.

Well, he had another type of off glass "jump shot" that he wanted to work on.  Glad we stuck around.  Keep in mind this guy is "listed" at 5-11":



Brings back memories of Spud Webb, doesn't it?

Can't wait to see one of those in a game.  Sure to "bring the house down".


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