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No AD? No problem. FAU keeps firing and hiring

Well, all I can say is when FAU's existing coaches see acting Athletic Director Melissa Dawson heading their way, the appropriate response would be to dive for cover.

I have heard of bringing in hatchet men (or women), but Dawson has been using a chain saw.

The weird part is that she is not only whacking the dead wood, she has been allowed to hire the replacements.

The latest was the volleyball coach.

I know, some of you are saying, "Volleyball? Did we have a volleyball team?"

Yes, the program has been off the radar for a while because, well, because they stunk.


Former AD Craig Angelos tolerated the poor performance, which was undoubtedly one of the reasons he got whacked, which is how Dawson got her gig.

So out went VB coach Jody Brown, and in comes Fernanda Nelson. She's from Brazil and most recently was an assistant at Florida Gulf Coast.

This followed helping convine Chancellor Dugan to not return as women's hoops coach, and the hiring of Kellie Lewis-Jay.

Dawson also inked Mike Jarvis to a new contract.

So who is next? As hard as it is to say, Joan Joyce is having trouble with both teams she coaches -- softball and women's golf. Softball has really fallen on hard times.

And does anyone recall when FAU soccer teams had any success?

The new AD will come into a unique situation. He will have first-year coaches in at least three sports, and he didn't hire any of them.

But then his priority will not be winning games, but wooing potential donors into writing big checks to help fund the athletic program and getting the stands full at FAU Stadium this fall.



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