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Riding into the sunset....

I thought this would work out.

Me being a full-time FAU student and being able to keep my toes in the water of FAU athletics, where I had swam for 11 years before leaving the Sun-Sentinel for nursing school.

But the accelerated program I am in has been a load. I am not complaining, because I signed up for it, but I look at every minute of time and think about how I should be spending it. And most of the time I opt for school books.

The blog has had to take a back seat, since failure is not a option for me, and since I can't give the blog the time it deserves, I have decided not to do it at all.

I guess I was coming off as a bit too negative for some folks, and that is OK. I get it. This is a fan site, and fans come here for support. They are going out on a limb investing their emotions in what is currently a pretty lousy athletic program, and they don't need someone dumping on the Owls.

Since I am helping bankroll the program and am a student, I do wish the Owls well. But when they stink, I also have to wonder about how those dollars taken from my tuition are being spent.

Anyway, that is a long way of saying goodbye. I have to commit everything to getting through this program, which I am about halfway through right now.

Graduation is May 2013, and maybe after that, when I am getting a paycheck again and settled into my new career, I can become an FAU alum and get back into cheering on the Owls.

And hopefully by then they will be winning again.




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