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When failure is not an option...

Yes, I am alive.

Sorry for the absence, but since Failure Is Not An Option, school comes first.

The stakes are a bit high, given that I quit my job to go back to school, so this week I had a pathology test worth 30 percent of my grade, so that kind of took over.

If you or a loved one ever are diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I can tell you all about it:

But there is a link between what I am going through and FAU football.

I said one of the big problems with football the last couple years was a lack of urgency from the top. The Voice had his job, no matter what happened.

He was like a tenured professor. He would keep his job no matter how his students did.

Enter Carl Pelini, who has worked hard to get his first head coaching gig. For Pelini, failure is also not an option, unless he wants to go back to the assistant level for the rest of his career.

Believe me when I say nothing focuses your energies like knowing that if you blow it, you have really screwed things up and will pay a big price.

Yes, I passed the patho test. Into week five, and still getting by.



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