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FAU Campus Project Updates: Statues, Expansions and Amphitheaters

Here are some of the things that we know FAU is working on:

The new dorm "skeleton" is still progressing along but the main walls have not been added yet, so it wasn't worth adding another picture yet. We'll see where they're at next week.

Parking Garage 3 is scheduled to break ground in January, but for now they're making design tweaks. Design Development is due in early November. If I find any new renderings once that's complete, I'll post them here.

Planning and Design for the Baseball Stadium Renovation was revived on August 1st - thinking what happened here is that new FAU Athletic Director Pat Chun wants to take a swing at looking for new funding opportunities for this. As it stands, this wouldn't be the massive $10M full-scale renovation they'd like to do (see picture below) but rather a multiphase operation that would add a new facade, bathrooms, vending space and some of the same kind multicolored pylons that are in front of The Burrow. Previously the overall budget was set at $726,650 (with Athletics contributing 65% of that cost and Facilities making up the rest) but that might have changed with a new Athletics Director. Time will tell, although everyone agrees that FAU's winningest team deserves better - something like this.

The small, cross-shaped courtyard on the south side of the Business building, the Sean Stein Pavilion, is due to get a statue of late FAU business student Sean Stein - I assume it will be bronze like the $80K bronze Schnellenberger statue inside the stadium. This should commence soon... just waiting on the Construction Manager to get permitted.

Speaking of Schnellenberger, Student Government is funding a $5,000 "replica of Coach Schnellenberger's stump used to recruit players." See, when Coach Schnellenberger first got on campus, we obviously didn't have a football team and he would draw attention to himself in public places like the Breezeway by bringing this old stump and standing on it, shouting out for recruits to anyone who would listen.

The stump will join a $5,000 (also from SGA) plaque to honor former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson's October 1964 dedication of FAU.

"Democracy Plaza", which is apparently a thing and located on the east side of the new Culture & Society building, is slated to get a new large-scale sculpture for approximately $30K. Each building must have (I think by law, or maybe it's just FAU policy) some small appropriation in its overall construction budget to fund an outdoor sculpture to help "define" the building and further the arts. Let's hope this one is good, as FAU has spent a ridiculous amount of money on bad art  in the past.

The Centre Marketplace ("the Caff") is getting a $2M expansion and renovation, which they've already started. Not sure what's going in there yet; it may just be to extend floor space and/or add enclosed outdoor seating like they used to have. Fencing has gone up around the southwest side of the building, construction vehicles are on-site, but nothing has really happened yet to show you.

A UCONN-style Greek Amphitheater has been proposed for the pond area south of GPT. It would house a number of Greek studies programs and outdoor performances. Still, they were thinking it was going to cost $2.5M and now the construction budget estimate came back at a (potentially prohibitively high) figure of  $9M. Ouch. That's almost as much as a new parking garage. But hey, it'd be a beaut, wouldn't it?

What with the closure of Treasure Coast and Ft. Lauderdale campuses, some departments have to be shifted around. The School of Urban & Regional Planning is looking to be consolidated on the Boca Raton campus and the School of Graphic Design & Multimedia is likely going south to the Davie campus.

Athletics is looking for a company to develop a "Master Plan for Northern Area of Athletic Campus." Not entirely sure which "northern" are they're referring to, whether it's the area around the Oxley/softball/track fields or whether they are referencing the Innovation Village, although if it was the latter you'd think it would specifically designate the IV area. This is the most recent thing I had seen:

This plan can obviously change, and probably will, but for now notice the new road running from the west side of the Burrow all the way up and around to the new housing. Also notice that the grass Olympic training field west of the track would become a new parking lot to make up for the loss of parking spaces taken by the Burrow Expansion. Also notice that a southeastern Oxley expansion would take up the baseball practice field as well.

And, last but not least, the Memory & Wellness Center, a center for Alzheimer's and other degnerative brain disease research back by the Traffic & Parking office, is slated fro a $30K addition soon. Basically it's an addition behind the building.

Guess that's it for now. Take it easy.



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