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2023 C-USA Baseball Championship

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2023 C-USA Baseball Championship

2023 C-USA Baseball Championship

Owls Take Part In Last C-USA Tournament

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Game Schedule - Eastern Standard Times

Wednesday, May 24 ESPN+
Game 1                 (3) Charlotte 8 (6) Louisiana Tech 13
Game 2                 (2) UTSA 1  (7) MTSU 5
Game 3                 (1) Dallas Baptist 13 (8) Rice 2
Game 4                 (4) Western Kentucky 10 (5) Florida Atlantic 9

Thursday, May 25   ESPN+
Game 5                 Charlotte 11  UTSA 2
Game 6                 La Tech 6  MTSU 7
Game 7                 Rice 1  Florida Atlantic 6
Game 8                 Dallas Baptist 10  Western Kentucky 2

Friday, May 26       ESPN+
Game 9                 Charlotte 4  La Tech 1
Game 10               Florida Atlantic 7  Western Kentucky 9

Saturday, May 27   ESPN+
Game 11               MTSU 9  Charlotte 12
Game 12               Dallas Baptist 5  Western Kentucky 0
Game 13               MTSU vs Charlotte 5:00 PM

Sunday, May 28     CBSSN
Championship        (1) Dallas Baptist vs (7) MTSU | (3) Charlotte  2:00 PM
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(3) Charlotte 8 (6) Louisiana Tech 13

The teams combined for seven home runs (five for Louisiana Tech and two for Charlotte).

49er ace Wyatt Hudepohl lasts just 3.0 innings giving up seven runs on 77 pitches, so he is likely done for the tournament bar a late Saturday / Sunday appearance.

Tech ace Jonathan Fincher fairs the same but it doesn't sting as much with the win. He tossed 74 pitches over four frames.

If the schedule holds with no more delays, the Owls are now playing at 9:05 PM.

Having fun yet???
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(2) UTSA 1 (7) MTSU 5

The Blue Raiders force UTSA to turn to their ace after trying to put a reserve in backfires.

MTSU will take on La Tech tomorrow at 1:30 PM in the winner's bracket.

On a side note we gained back :20 minutes, so now the Owl game would be scheduled for 8:40 PM if game three stays the course of three hours.
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(1) Dallas Baptist 13 (8) Rice 2 (7 innings)

17 hits and three home runs propel the Patriots to a dominant victory over Rice to be the first higher seed to get a win today. They will await the winner between FAU and WKU tomorrow at 8:30 PM.

Now in the loser's bracket, Rice will face the losers between FAU and WKU tomorrow at 5 PM.

With the conclusion of this game, first pitch between FAU and WKU will now take place around 8:35 PM.
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HERE WE GO! 😤 FAU is ready to take on WKU to begin their FINAL TRIP in the C-USA Tournament! Here are the starters for your Owls:

LF Goldstein
CF Rich
RF Schroeder
1B Schanuel
2B Adams
3B Ross
DH Hartigan
SS Albert
C Pendleton
P Williams

Go Owls!🦉⚾️🧢
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Not the start FAU was hoping for, going down 2-0 following an RBI double and an unearned run from the Hilltoppers. It could've been worse, with the Owls getting a nice double play to reduce the damage. LET'S MAKE NOISE IN THE 2ND!
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Richard said

Not the start FAU was hoping for…
Posted On: May 24th 2023, 8:51 PM #414571

Not the coach, and not making any assumptions on the master plan for the duration of the tournament, but Cooley seemed like the guy to get the call to start.

Still plenty of time though, Let's GO! 🦉⚾️

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Couldn't get runs in the 2nd, but we HELD OFF WKU with Rich making this SOLID CATCH!

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