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2019 FAU Football Signing Day Thread

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jgf2017 said

That's some great information. It seemed to me like Kiffin wasn't having any fun last year. Obviously it was because of the record, but he didn't seem happy like he was in 2017. Know I know that he had tricks up his sleeve and was waiting for this record class to come in. I learned my lesson. Never underestimate Lane Kiffin
Posted On: Feb 10th 2019, 11:10 AM #385143

I thought the same thing, the fun tweets and such were gone. He was fighting the "poison" of the players believing the adulation from the prior year from day one!
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In years past, some may remember, we used to get a recap of the signing class after the dust cleared. A short bio, position #of stars, other schools that recruited him, etc. I don't even see one on the FAU football site. Are they still waiting for a couple more to sign?

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