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Dead Period???

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Dead Period???

I keep reading in the Sentinal and the AJC about all these kid's making their transfer announcements of early commitments and they all speak of campus visits and speaking with coaching staffs before selecting. What is up with this.

For us I also keep reading that so and so did not visit or we are waiting on a players choice because we are hindered because of this "dead period".


Are we the only ones who are honoring this, and if so why are we not reporting our competition for cheating! Or are we just stupid and don't know the recruiting calander? We get a few more chioce verbals and the momentum grows and snowballs or….not.

As I understand it from the NCAA 2011-12 football recruiting calander, this a is a NCAA quiet period

Definition: During a NCAA-mandated "Quiet Period," in-person recruiting activity is limited to contact on campus, as part of an official or unofficial recruiting visit.

From this info there is no excuse for us not bringing in recruits right now for an official or unofficial vist and getting them to commit!

WE speak of the summer doldrums here, but where I am from there is not a week goes by that even Georgia State is not having recruits announce their early commitments. GSU has three already - we have one. Sounds typical and about right does'nt it? But here we are building the nicest new stadium in the friggin country and………one commitment, from TEXAS yet!

Again, I DON"T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We GOTTA step up this recruiting game or we will NEVER move forward from where we are, even with the brand new stadium.

She is a beauty, now get some recruits down here to see her, fall for her and commit to her! Go Owls!!!
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