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Miami Herald Article on Corey Henry

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Miami Herald Article on Corey Henry


Carol City DE Henry prepares to play at FAU
BY J.T. WILCOXMiami Herald Writer
Coming into the 2008 season, many people thought Carol City had very few reasons to believe it would be able to turn a 2-8 team into a playoff contender.

With only six seniors and a new coach, the Chiefs were supposed to be average at best.

Enter senior defensive end Corey Henry.

At 6-3, 230 pounds, the imposing force on the edge anchored a Carol City defense that held eight of its 11 opponents to 14 points or less, once scored all of the team's points in a game, and was the resonating force behind the Chiefs' 8-2 turnaround.

But while Henry recorded 13 sacks and 60 total tackles in 2008, few schools paid attention to the first-team All-Dade selection.

Before committing to Florida Atlantic last week, only FIU and Syracuse had showed interest in Henry.

Chiefs coach Harold Barnwell explained why.

''Corey is just a very quiet kid,'' Barnwell said. ``Saying that he is mild-mannered is an understatement. He goes about his business the same way every time, he works hard, soaks up coaching and instruction like a sponge, and leads people by his example as opposed to his voice.

''The best words to describe Corey would be quiet, attentive and fierce,'' Barnwell said.


Henry, 18, who speaks in a monotone voice, has always been a man of few words, according to his mother.

''He's never been talkative; that's just his personality,'' Melissa Phillips said. ``He has friends and everything, but he just doesn't open himself up that often.''

Even on the field, Henry takes a business-like approach, just slapping hands with a few teammates after making a big play instead of delivering any lavish celebration.


In the classroom, Henry has made strides as he prepares for the next level. Currently holding a 2.6 unweighted grade-point average and an 840 score on the SAT, Henry attends day and night school to raise his GPA.

On the field, Henry's development came full-circle this season, as he also forced three turnovers that were converted into points.

''His technique has gotten so much better,'' Barnwell said.

``He's put in a lot of work watching film, getting extra coaching before and after practice, learning how to use his hands better and shed blockers.''

A 2 -year varsity starter, Henry used his strength and speed to terrorize opposing offensive lines. With a 4.72 40-yard dash and a maximum bench press of 305 pounds, coupled with the fact that he could rush from either down on the line or standing up, Henry was a valuable commodity to the Chiefs defense.

Henry said FAU coaches told him that they would convert him into a stand-up linebacker and pass-rushing specialist.

''FAU is the best place for me. It's close to home and they are an up-and-coming program,'' Henry said.

``It was very important to me to be able to play college football in front of my family. Some kids don't get to have their family see them do anything, so I just want to go out there and make my family proud.''

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