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Recruiting - they want to play NOW!

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Recruiting - they want to play NOW!

A nice article which again shows how quality recruits will sign to play where they can play as freshmen and not have to sit and redshirt. A link to the article is below;

The rise of college football's middle class - College Football - Rivals.com

With the lack of quality starters on our current Owl team, we should be able to sign some QUALITY recruits who can come in and start right away. And we HAVE TO stop the not wanting to sign juco transfers, especially on the lines, we have thrownaway this year with this antiquated attitude, going with a O line with ZERO collegiate starts, and even worse to me, VERY undersized. JVC will be lucky to get out of this year without getting seriously hurt. If the line is "lacking" experience AND size, we needed to adjust our play calling and use more quick throws and use JVC's mobility as a threat, not just to run for his life. Running a pro-style O is good IF you have the talent to do so properly. We don't and it is showing very badly. Adjust your play calling or die, and we are getting killed by BELT TEAMS!

Arky State had the worst D in the conference coming in and we still on put up 16 on them.
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