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FAU is building a football program that will take time. For everyone who believed that Jordan Scarlett was coming to FAU - please!

FAU must recruit the football stars that other teams miss or under-recruit. The diamonds in the rough. All of the promises and persuasive talk by the coaches will not work. They need to find the players who are much better than others think. If they go after the super stars that are well known they will not get them. In time they will get them but for now they must find the great players that are missed by others.

Go Owls!
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Not sure I agree. Schnellenberger's initial strategy was to keep good players from leaving the state. He wanted to keep the guys home who ended up Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc. 
Lack of acceptable facilities became a real problem after promises of a stadium never materialized. 
Now that the facilities are in place and we've moved up in conferences, I think we can keep a lot of these good players home instead of going north. 

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Yup, even with the loss of Scarlett,we  are still ranked #50 in recruiting classes NATIONALLY and No. 1 in CUSA!

Coaches will continue to pull in quality recruits and where we have Five (5) 3* now I beleive we will have 10 MINIMUM by signing day!
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